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Sunday, 30 April 2017

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Five Minutes With... Mr Mead

06 April 2011

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Working predominantly in ink, illustrator and fine artist, Mr Mead, creates seductively macabre gothic dystopian worlds and anthropomorphic inhuman characters. He will be launching his new show, Dark Suits, April 8th at the Antlers Gallery near Broadmead. His new work includes a set of 54 individually designed playing cards, limited edition prints, and drawings.

Right now I am ...

I have just designed a custom set of playing cards using my series of bio-anthropomorphic characters to be launched April 8th at Cabot Circus by Antlers Gallery. Currently I am creating three original pieces for the show, busy but exciting times!

My work is ...

I have nicknamed my work British Bio mechanical Anthropomorphism which is a mouthful! It is mostly dark themed ink drawings of animal people, inspired by the utterly terrifying Beatrix Potter’s ballet. I try to draw what I am scared of and draw to release my inner demons. I never draw pupils and love the surreal dehumanization of characters once you take away their eyes. I draw on card with acrylic based ink or large MDF boards with a dip pen.

I've been inspired by ...

Recently I have been very inspired by Pierre Matter the French sculptor, usually though it is Goya, Koji Morimoto and repeat viewings of the dark crystal… Also as obvious as it sounds as most of the world are saying this at the moment but the film Black Swan was incredible and really made me want to push my work further.

I've just read ...

I am reading ‘The boy who kicked pigs’ by Tom Baker, it is an amusingly dark read which is normally my preferred taste. I re read Philip Pullmans ‘His dark materials’ again recently as it was so incredible the first time around…

I'm listening to ...

I have a very diverse music taste and listen to as much different music as possible, but recently I have been solidly plugged into ‘Solar Bears’ who are an incredible electro 80’s esque band… Also ‘Lower Dens ‘ have been inspiring me recently. But for working I usually listen to Ulrich Schnauss which is spacey chill out German electronica or 60’s French pop!
me and my friends at uni pretended to be Australian after overdosing on far too much ‘Heartbreak High’

You might be surprised that ...

For two years me and my friends at uni pretended to be Australian after overdosing on far too much ‘Heartbreak High’ and convinced a whole group of Australian girls that we were actually from Oz… I also am addicted to chocolate and get headaches if I don’t have my fix per day…oh dear.

I am really excited about ...

The Bristol art scene and the thought of going to Primavera sound this year…

It really annoys me when ...

You have a deadline and the sun starts to shine, then when your done it rains…

I am just about to ...

Have my first ever solo show, starting my first graphic novel, making models of my characters and considering doing 25 foot monolith fox men ‘paste up’s’ around the crazy city of Bristol… ‘Dark Suits’ my first solo project is launching with Antlers Gallery on 8th April at 4 Quakers Friars, Cabot Circus, Bristol. In the show we will have my limited edition prints, some original works and my new decks of playing cards.

Launch: Friday 8th April 2011, 6 pm – 9 pm.
9th April - 23rd April. 11 am – 7 pm daily.
4 Quakers Friars, Cabot Circus Bristol, BS1 3BU

For full details see the website or to pre-order a pack email: jack(at)

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